Key Lime Pie French Toast

The story behind this unique breakfast treat, is I had a very detailed dream where I was whipping up this wonderful Key Lime Pie battered French Toast for one of my close friends.  I figured this was a sign, and God was telling me to make this “dreamy” dish a reality!  I invited one of my closest friends and greatest Guinea Pig, Mario, over for Saturday morning breakfast and came up with the following recipe for my fantasy French Toast.  The batter you soak the bread in has many of the elements that make up traditional Key Lime Pie custard, and the outer crust is Graham Cracker crumbs, just like the base of the pie.  You may want to soak the bread in the batter in the fridge overnight, or for 3-4 hours.  This will give you the best results!

Ps. When I was cracking the eggs, one of them has twin yolks inside, which is good luck!  I knew this recipe was bound to be a success!

(Feeds 3-4 People)


  1. 6- Slices of fresh bread cut into 1 inch slices ( I used French Pullman, but you can also use Brioche, Challah, or any good bread that will absorb the liquid and wont contrast with the flavors of the dish)
  2. ¾ Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
  3. 1 Cup Milk (I used 2%)
  4. 3/4 Cup Heavy Cream
  5. 1/4 Teaspoon Vanilla
  6. 3 Extra Large Eggs
  7. ½ Cup of Fresh Lime Juice (About 4 limes worth)
  8. Pinch of Lime Zest
  9. 1 ¼ Cups of Honey Graham Cracker Crumbs (about one sleeve of crackers)
  10. ¼ Teaspoon of Cinnamon
  11. About 4 Tablespoons of Butter
  12. Powdered Sugar (Garnish)
  13. Whipped Cream for Garnish (Optional)


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together the milks, cream, vanilla, eggs, lime juice and lime zest. 
  2. Pour a little bit of the batter in a deep pan or Pyrex Dish and then scatter the slices of bread around the pan.
  3. Pour the remaining batter over the top of the bread slices and set in the fridge overnight or for 3-4 hours, until the bread fully absorbs the liquid. 
  4. Preheat the oven to 350F
  5. In a shallow dish, combine the Graham Cracker Crumbs and Cinnamon.
  6. Remove bread from the refrigerator and heat up a skillet on medium heat.
  7. Dip each soaked piece of bread in the graham cracker crumbs, so they are fully coated.
  8. Melt 2-tablespoons of butter in the pan.
  9. Cook each piece of French Toast in the buttery pan until they are golden brown on both sides and have a slight crunch on the outside.
  10. Remove from the frying pan and place the toast onto an Aluminum Foil covered cookie sheet.
  11. Place the cookie sheet with the French Toast into the preheated oven for about 10 minutes or until the French toast is creamy and tender on the inside, but not too wet and soggy.
  12. Remove from the oven and dust with powdered sugar right before you enjoy it.
  13. Serve with Maple Syrup and a dollop of whipped cream 

Corn Muffin Pancakes with a Blueberry & Rosemary Compote

When my friends and I go out for brunch, we can never decide whether to order something sweet or savory, so I came up with a recipe that incorporates both flavors.  These corn muffin pancakes have a wonderful buttery crunch on the outside and a tender, cakey texture on the inside.  The Rosemary, Blueberry Compote has a wonderful earthiness from the herbs, a natural sweetness from the honey and a subtle sourness from the juicy, fresh blueberries.  While the compote simmers in the pot your nostrils will tingle with delight.  The ingredients give off an enchanting, floral scent as they meld together in harmony.  When you put all the elements together on the plate and finish it off with a dollop of creamy, tangy Greek yogurt, you just can’t ask for a better way to start the day…except for a few mimosas, of course!


(Recipe Feeds 2-3 People)


Corn Muffin Pancakes-

  1. 1 Cup Corn Muffin Mix (Jiffy is the best)
  2. ¼ Cup Flour
  3. 1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
  4. ¾ Cup Milk (May need a tiny bit more if the batter thickens as it sits)
  5. 1 Large Egg
  6. ¼ Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  7. 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil or Canola Oil
  8. 1 Tablespoon Greek Yogurt (Plus more for the garnish) (I use 0% fat or 2% fat)
  9. 1 Tablespoon Unsalted Butter Melted
  10. Pinch of Salt

Blueberry & Rosemary Compote-

  1. ¼ Cup Honey
  2. ½ Teaspoon Finely Chopped Fresh Rosemary Leaves
  3. ¼ Cup Water
  4. 2 Teaspoons Light Brown Sugar
  5. ¾ Cup Fresh Blueberries
  6. ½ Teaspoon Corn Starch


  1. Mix together all of the Compote ingredients in a small saucepan on the stove on medium heat.  Allow it to cook down and simmer until it thickens and turns into a nice, thick, chunky syrup.  Set aside when it is done and cover with a lid.  While it is reducing down, put together the pancake batter.
  2. Stir Together the Corn Muffin Mix, Flour, Salt and Baking Powder in a medium bowl.
  3. In a small bowl whisk together the Milk, Egg, Vanilla, Oil, Melted Butter and the Tablespoon of Greek Yogurt.
  4. Heat up a large skillet on the stove and then spray it with non-stick cooking spray.
  5. Ladle the batter onto the pan making 4-6 inch diameter circles.
  6. When the batter starts to bubble up the pan and the bottom is golden brown, flip them over with a spatula and cook them all the way through.
  7. When the pancakes are done, stack 3 on a plate (or more depending on how many you want to eat)
  8. Pour some of the compote over the top and finish it off with a dollop of Plain or Honey flavored Greek Yogurt
  9. Observe the silence, since your friends will be speechless…and stuffing their faces