Easy as Pie...Banana Cream Pie

In the spirit of the holidays I would like to share one of my favorite holiday dessert recipes with you.  This recipe was created by my amazing and talented grandmother, Rosemarie.  Grandma Rosemarie makes all of her desserts from scratch, crusts, fillings, cookies, cakes you name it, but this pie was the only exception.  It consists of store bought graham cracker crust, instant vanilla pudding, fresh bananas, heavy cream, milk and vanilla...that is it!  It takes minutes to prepare and doesn’t have to be baked in an oven!  I have enjoyed this Banana Cream Pie every Thanksgiving for the past 23 years! It just isn’t the holiday season without this silky, crunchy, creamy delight and my incredible family members enjoying it together around the dining room table while sharing stories.


  1. 1 Graham Cracker Crust
  2. Jello Brand Vanilla Instant Pudding (1 small box)
  3. 1 ½  Ripe Bananas sliced into ¼ inch round slices
  4. 1 ½ Cups Milk (I use 2% or Whole)
  5. ¼ Cup Heavy Cream

Whipped Cream Topping-

  1. ¾ Cup Heavy Cream
  2. 2 Tablespoons Sugar
  3. ½ Teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract


  1. In a stand mixer or with a hand mixer, whip together the vanilla pudding mix, milk, and ¼ cup heavy cream until thick (pudding like texture).
  2. With a rubber spatula fold in the banana slices.
  3. Pour the pudding mixture into the graham cracker crust.
  4. Using the stand mixer or hand mixer beat the ¾ cup of heavy cream, vanilla extract and sugar until stiff peaks form.
  5. Scoop as much of the whipped cream as you like onto the top of the pie and spread it out evenly to cover the entire top of the pie.
  6. Let it set in the fridge for about an hour or two (or overnight) and serve!